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Back Pain Relief, just from sitting!

We tend to collapse when we sit. Be it from the chair, the computer, or driving. This causes back pain. Yogawrap Spine Support is the only vertical back support that straps to any chair to maintain the “lift-off” those compressed lumbar vertebrae to stop the back pain! This is applying ancient yoga logic to our modern sitting culture. Try for yourself, you’ll get it!

Sciatic Pain is gone!

I am so happy that I experienced sciatic pain when I was driving. Really! Otherwise, I couldn’t have known how to apply the correct pressure and support to relieve that numbing, aching sensation. So many customers have responded with joy that their pain is gone! Some even turn their Yogawrap horizontally – and, that’s OK! Listening to your body is what its all about.

Patricia Walden

“This is an intelligent design that I want you all to look at. I’ve used a Yogawrap Spinal Support for a year and it really works well, and I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true – and, I think you know that about me.”

Patricia WaldenAdvanced Senior Iyengar Instructorhttp://www.yoganow.net/
Clinical Study to prove core muscle engagement

We had a clinical study done to prove that the core muscles are engaged when users applied Yogawrap’s Spine Support. This is the ultimate multi-tasking! Click here to learn more https://yogawrap.com/clinical-research/

Clinical Study to prove core muscle engagementAlpine Orthopedics, New Hampshire

Build a strong core – effortlessly!

The physical body does so much without the mind telling it what to do. Building core strength is one and muscle memory is another.

Just by sitting up tall, even with YSS as an anchor, your core muscles engage. What’s extra special is they are lengthened at the same time. The exact opposite of “crunching.”

Then, because there’s no pressure on the vertebrae, an impression is made on the erector muscles on either side of the spine. So that, when you stand up, you are still maintaining this heightened stance – without trying!

Yogawrap Back Support provides a natural solution to back pain free sitting – it helps with:

  • Lower Back Pain

    By allowing length

  • Osteoporosis and Shrinking

    By creating a strong core with length

  • Improves Digestion

    By lifting ribs off of colon

  • Improves Breathing

    By lifting weight of collar bone & sternum off of lungs and lifting floating ribs off of diaphragm

  • Core Muscle Strength

  • Upper Back Pain

    By Providing Support

  • Neck Pain

    By putting the foundation of the neck, the thoracic spine, in its proper position

  • Sciatic Pain

    By positioning hip pressure off of sciatic nerve

  • Asthma

    Expand our sternum, to give the lungs more space

  • Depression

    Open our heart chakra

Developer of Yogawrap Spine Support, Laura Guccione

Hello, my name is Laura Guccione and its no exaggeration when I say that my life was saved by yoga. My daily practice, of almost 30-years now, has given me insight to develop a product and business that shares the value of a healthy posture.

As I drove across country, my body was collapsing and everything hurt. My yoga practice let me feel that my slouching, caused from sitting in the driver’s seat, was causing the sciatic pain and numbness in my foot, the aching back, the exhaustion plus, constipation.

I hope you can look further into my site and see my study done to prove that the body will develop its own core strength. That is key to the reason Yogawrap Spine Support helps so many who sit. That, plus the muscle memory that is naturally created so, when you stand up, you are still maintaining the heightened stance that keeps a pain free body. If I can help people feel better, its good for you and allows me to give something back. Thank you, Laura

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For cars with side air bags simply place the Yogawrap behind you - DO NOT place straps around an airbag system.
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