Long Drives Feel Good Again

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Strengthen your core every time you sit

A Natural Sitting Solution You Can Lean On


Improve Your Posture In the Office

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Feel good at the computer

A Natural Sitting Solution You Can Lean On


Improved digestion on every flight

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Arrive with a pain free neck

A Natural Sitting Solution You Can Lean On

You do not have to tolerate low back pain, strap Yogawrap‘s Spine Support to your car seat or office chair and end sciatic pain the yogi’s way! With strength and length!

Yogawrap’s Spine Support – Using the yoga value of positioning – for everyone! Most feel the relief instantly. But, the real effect is when you get up and you still feel the positive effects that so many others have! Get yours today!

Patricia Walden

“This is an intelligent design that I want you all to look at. I’ve used a Yogawrap Spinal Support for a year and it really works well, and I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t true – and, I think you know that about me.”

Patricia WaldenAdvanced Senior Iyengar Instructor
Clinical Study to prove core muscle engagement

We had a clinical study done to prove that the core muscles are engaged when users applied Yogawrap’s Spine Support. This is the ultimate multi-tasking! Click here to learn more

Clinical Study to prove core muscle engagementAlpine Orthopedics, New Hampshire

Yogawrap Back Support provides a natural solution to back pain free sitting – it helps with:

  • Lower Back Pain

    By allowing length

  • Osteoporosis and Shrinking

    By creating a strong core with length

  • Improves Digestion

    By lifting ribs off of colon

  • Improves Breathing

    By lifting weight of collar bone & sternum off of lungs and lifting floating ribs off of diaphragm

  • Core Muscle Strength

  • Upper Back Pain

    By Providing Support

  • Neck Pain

    By putting the foundation of the neck, the thoracic spine, in its proper position

  • Sciatic Pain

    By positioning hip pressure off of sciatic nerve

  • Asthma

    Expand our sternum, to give the lungs more space

  • Depression

    Open our heart chakra

Yogawrap Spine Support - Introduction video

As I drove across country, my body was collapsing and everything hurt. My yoga practice let me feel that my slouching, caused from sitting in the driver’s seat, was causing the sciatic pain and numbness in my foot.

Because there’s no bone in my waist, the muscles weaving is responsible for holding my posture. If I can strengthen and lengthen while I’m sitting at the computer or driving – WHY NOT?! Try Yogawrap’s Spine Support now!

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Disclaimer: Yogawrap Spinal Support is intended for the prevention and relief of many types of pain. No medical claims or cures are guaranteed.
For cars with side air bags simply place the Yogawrap behind you - DO NOT place straps around an airbag system.

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