Computer Created Back Pain, Neck Pain & Dowager’s Hump

Sitting at the computer can be amazingly valuable time! Even with a renowned ergonomic chair, that time can still cause back pain, neck pain and even, Dowager’s Hump.

spine and back support

STOP looking like this! Of course your back hurts, neck hurts and your transverse colon is smashed by your ribs.

We all lean forward to stare at the screen or sit on the edge of our chair at the computer, but for those moments when you sit back to read what you’ve written, talk to someone or answer the phone you do lean back.

It only takes a moment for the design of the Yogawrap Spine Support to go to work. Because Yogawrap Spine Support puts an impression on the erector muscles, it creates a muscle memory that maintains proper alignment and effortlessly creates a strong core. It doesn’t matter if its 2 minutes or 2 hours – an impression will be made.

This is how so many customers have stopped shrinking. If the core muscles are engaged AND trained to maintain a heightened stance, its going to stop the middle and elderly tendency to shrink.


“It’s my core workout!”

SuzieGunnison, CO
Batool Merail

“I have this Yogawrap attached to my desk chair – LOVE it! I work online and I love how straight it makes me sit. I feel great and sit for a long time working and teaching.”

Batool Merail
Joe Prebish

“You made my Herman Miller chair better.”

Joe PrebishColorado Springs, CO