Muscle memory can be like having a free ride! If its putting the skeleton into proper alignment.

When I took the wedged center out of my tube of foam, I increased the firmness so, that it could still do its job of keeping the lift of the upper torso.

Because the erector muscles are the first part of your body that comes into contact with the Yogawrap Spine Support, the foam makes an impression that runs the foot length. This occurs within the first minute. When you get up, the blood flows through and that impression will eventually fade out. But now, you’ve started the process. So, that the next time you lean up against the YSS, that impression will be accepted sooner and lasts longer – and, so it goes.

Its usually close to 2-months when that impression takes over and this taller stance takes precedence.

I have gotten the message more than a few times, “I was standing in line and watched my body stand up straight!” Instead of the other way around that we’ve all experienced: when you catch yourself slumped over!

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