We will meditate and contemplate in this meadow.

Colorado yoga retreat

Our 4th Retreat is coming together in pure joy and bliss! Would you like to come? Join us
in a beautiful location to assist with connecting closer to You. Your pure joy and your
relationship with your source.
When: Two dates available: September 29-31 and Nov 3-5
Where: A beautiful home in Meridian Lake area of Crested butte, CO.There are 3 large
bedrooms, two with queen size beds and one with a King and a pullout. There are two
large decks, an outdoor hot tub, nearby trails for hiking and a lake for swimming or just
Below is the loose itinerary. I never force a schedule. We play it be feel.
Friday Rendezvous: This is one of my favorite parts. Gathering in the late over cool
drinks and yummy appetiers. Getting the introductions and sitting back to listen to 3
presenters who are sharing their passions. This retreat will include:
Corrine Cram & Barb Pachla sharing their knowledge of using and understanding Law
of Attraction. Their life, eamples have lead them to collaborate on a book and turn it into
a college course. Come Learn!
Kris Murray is a well-known business coach and author who over the past 18 months
personally transformed the level of passion and pleasure in her life. At age 48, during a
painful divorce, Kris made a conscious decision to put her pleasure first and rediscover
the vibrational energy that renewed focus on passion and pleasure can bring. In this
session, Kris will provide a structure for how to identify your goals, desires and limits

around passion and pleasure, as well as group sharing activities designed to uncover

0bstacles and challenges for this process. She will also provide additional resources for
participants who want to continue this journey after the workshop.
Carri Jo is owner of Synergy in CB. Her passion for physical strength and fitness has
directed the course of her life and, in turn, allowed her to assist others in gaining theirs.
See for yourself!
This retreat will have a focus upon you. What your needs are, questions are and what you
want to have a clearer understanding of for your life. I have had a recurring topic come up
in my life. At 55, I am post-menopausal. We will be gearing towards poses to assist with
this transition. Our presenters each have their own aid and view of this time of life too.
I believe our physical bodies are capsules for ecstasy. Pre, post and in the heat of it
menopause gives us mysteries of changes. In this safe, small and intimate group, we are
going to explore methods of yoga, meditation, food and mental exercises that bring us in
greater awareness of our passions and the benefits of conditioning these – especially as
we age and go through the changes of life, family, business and hormones!
After presenters and everyone’s settled into their accommodations, we will enjoy a brief
restorative yoga practice followed by a wonderful dinner. These are great fun!
There will be time for just hanging in the hot tub, reading on the deck or riding your bike
Saturday morning 6:30 a.m. is coffee/tea time with fruit breakfast. We
will begin with meditation followed by our yoga practice. Understand that the yoga sequence we put together will be tailored around the discussions from the prior day.
9:30 A heartier breakfast will follow our yoga practice. By 10:30 the day is yours to hike
through golden leaf aspens, paddle around the lake or whatever you want to do. Its your
I do have a plan of one morning (or evening) each of us picking a spot in a lovely, nearby
meadow. We will bring our journals and pad to sit on. Meditate, then write. The spiritual
aspect of ourselves come apparent with nature and silence.
3:30-5:30 We will join up for our afternoon yoga. This tends to be more restorative. But,
remember, we are creating sequences for your needs and these are poses that you will
take home.
There may be opportunity for sweat lodge in Gunnison for whomever wants to attend.
Ask me about it if this interest you. If not, there are great restaurants in Crested Butte and
you are also welcomed to use the kitchen.
Sunday Morning 6:30 a.m. Coffee, tea, fruit will be available. When we
are ready, we will begin with journaling, meditation then our yoga practice.
10:00 Our heartier breakfast will follow. WE also will be making green drinks together. I
want you to know how to make a smoothie that I call Wonder Woman Food and powers
me all day long!
The retreat will end after breakfast, but the memories, lessons and friendships will
Cost $395 for a room with meals and all lessons. If you do not need accommodations
please still join us for meals presenting, journaling and all yoga at a cost of $225
For reservations, information and answers, contact Laura at yogawrap@gmail.com and or
text 603-631-5785.