How a x-country drive, sciatic pain, back pain and yoga lead me to a great idea!

Hours into a 5-day trip from Colorado to New Hampshire, my partner’s poison ivy consumed the back of his legs! So, I drove. As the days progressed, I began to feel sciatic pain, hip pain and low back pain. Then, my upper back, between my shoulder blades ached. My neck was aching and I had a chronic tension headache.

I began a daily yoga practice over 20-years ago so, I knew it was the position of the truck seat that was creating all of the issues. Did I mention constipation and lack of energy? My slouching (from sitting) was was pressing my lower ribs into my (transverse) colon and my diaphragm. Since I’m use to standing tall, I knew my collarbone’s rounded forward was causing low oxygen intake, which was increasing my fatigue!

I rolled towels; I tried water bottles; books – then, I rolled up my yoga mat. That was the beginning of a 12-year quest to come up with a solution that could use the bodies abilities to maintain alignment.

Inside of Yogawrap
Yoga Wrap - Posture Correction and Neck pain relief
Yoga Wrap - Back Pain and Sciatica Relief

Why does One Back Support affect Sciatica, Neck Pain, Digestion & Attitude?

  1. The spine is a dynamic bone.
  2. There’s no bone from the floating ribs to the pelvic crest,only muscle that determines where the weight of almost half our body goes.
  3. I think of the muscles surrounding our core as layers of sheath of muscle that is woven into each other.
  4. If I can support the back with a narrow anchor:

a.) the shoulders can roll back – therefore, I breathe easier and my heart is open and my upper back pain is gone!

b.) The neck is held in its proper, lofty position – making for a pain-free neck and eliminating tension headaches.

c.) My ribs are not pressing into my transverse colon – eliminating constipation. (Think of flying too).

d.) My psoas is lengthened and all of the weight isn’t pressing onto my low back is relieved – no more back pain!

e.) For me, most importantly, the weight was off of my hips and thighs so my sciatic pain was gone – hallelujah!

Let’s use the intelligence of the body to stop the ignorance that’s deteriorating our joy and health. Please, try Yogawrap Spine Support for you or a loved one. I want the world to feel good!