What’s so unique about the design of Yogawrap Spine Support?

Over a decade it’s been worked, reworked and tweaked. Each time, I’d sit with it for a couple of months, as did a dozen or so others. Professionals in anatomy were regularly involved and offering opinions. The patent is in my name, but so many gave valuable input to the design.

Karin Stephan

“Apart from its practical use for the car and the desk, the Yogawrap is an extremely intelligently designed and beautifully made prop which helps promote a deeper understanding of the relationship between the upper chest, upper pectoral, upper thoracic spine, trapezium and neck muscles in order to achieve the correct action in the Yoga poses while simultaneously strengthening and opening that area. One can see the thought and carefulness that Laura has put into developing this product and I highly recommend it.”

Karin StephanIntermediate III, Iyengar Yoga instructorhttp://www.yogamacro.com/
Elisa Kolker

I don’t really know the science behind my Yoga Wrap but all I know is that I feel better when I use it. It feels like my discs are being decompressed and separated. I absolutely love it and didn’t want to share with my husband so I bought one for him and my mom as well. Highly recommend this product!

Elisa KolkerKangen Water Distributor